Thursday, April 07, 2011

Little walk + NEW ATV

Pål and I went for a little walk to a lake by close to our house. It was still quite snowy. The lake was amazing with so many beautiful colors. We haven't been to this part of the area around our house before so I'm exited to see how it is during the summer. After our nice walk we went down to the CBP store to take a second look at some ATV's. Pål allredy hase one, but it's getting old and he was in need of a upgrade. We got to the store and they had a great deal on a ATV that was exactley what we were looking for so I told him to go for it. So Pål got himself a brand new ATV. Its a Polaris Sportsman tractor 500. 

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  1. Det er flott ute i naturen når snøen begynner å tine, koselig å gå tur da :-) Kjempefine bilder du har tatt. Ønsker deg en flott søndag!

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