Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Girl and family time

So another year had past and another birthday celebration was here. 
Now I personally never had any issues when it came to telling people my age. It is what it is! It might also help living in a country where the average first time birth age for women in the capital is 34. 
I have also checked of a couple of spots on the big check list called life.
I'm married (11years :-) to my hubby Pål. 
We are home owners.
I have a great job.
And my dream of owning cats has come true ;-) 
maybe thats just on my check list. 
We have traveled to some nice places. 
So all in all life is doing med pretty good here in Norway. 

Receiving gifts is also a bonus. 
Thank you Mannen Min Super Sexy, Pål!

My brother Stian came down from Bærum, that was awesome. My sister Stine also had the time to drop by. 

One thing Norway is famous for is random naked statues. So we couldn't pass on this snazzy looking lady. In the background is the restaurant we eat out at, Strøm. The review? Well it wasn't all that! May or may not go back. 

I wish I could say that we are goofing around, but unfortunately thats how we actually look like when we are trying to pose for family photos. 

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