Sunday, September 01, 2013

Food festival in Skien, "Mersmak 2013"

Every year there is a food festival in Skien called "Mersmak". Directly translated means taste increasing. It's held outside in the centre of town, making this a open air and free festival to participate in. The maine focus of the event is to promote food diversity. It is also an arena for local volunteer  groups promote their activities and recruit new member. The first day of the festival the main target group are the local school and kindergartens. They are invited to take part in different activities specially tailored to that age group. Pål and I also take part in the food festival through the local Red Cross. Last year we were volunteering as "first responders". This year we wear responsible for promoting our annual raffle. 

Andres and Pablo volunteers from the Youth in Action program with me at the Latinos of Norway booth. 
 The view from the Red Cross bouth. There were several "mini consorts" throughout the day on the stage in the background. 

 Pål together with the Flying Flying Culinary Circus They had several events throughout the food festival. Targeting all age groups. It was really nice getting to know them. They are a group of very nice and talented chefs. 

There was also several different groups preforming street theatre. 

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