Monday, March 24, 2014

Car selfie

Pål and I got all dressed up on Sunday to attend the baby blessing of our super cute nephew. He is such a cute pie. We are so luck to have so many adorable nieces and nephews. On the way home we were so happy and enjoying the fact that the sun was out. This winter has been terrible with week after week with no sun. And when I say NO SUN,  then there really was no sun out. Just som strange form of light behind thick clouds. So we thought we would be cool and all hipster like and take a selfie. Well... I'll leave it up to judge.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking a timeout at Kragerø Resort

So life has been uber exiting the last few months. Pål and I, with a big dose of help from two awesome  friends, have been in DIY mode sins the begging of the year. We gutted our master bedroom and tackled the guest bedroom. This on top of the fact that we both have full time jobs, has med our lives crazy hectic. My body finally decided to shout out, and say that it was time for a break. The DIY projects are almost done, but the house still looks like a tornado hit it. So I was in a desperate need of getting out of the house if I was going to be able to relax. Well, faith had it that I was given the opportunity to travel to a training conference with the Red Cross of Norway,  So I jumped at it and I'm exited for the weekend.
The Amazing room that i got. I'm spoiled, loved the light colours. 

The view from one of the other participants room. There is a golf course out here connected to the resort, 
Another picture of the view from the other participants room. 
Outfit of the day. My amazing pussycat socks.
You can see some pictures over at instagram Livingbyyumi

Always nice to take picture when not waiting a smidge of makeup.
But who can resist a fancy swing like this?

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