Monday, April 14, 2014

Brunch and day out with my little sister Stine

Pål and I went over to Stine house to have brunch before we went out. Here in Norway going out to eat isn't so common. There are several reasons for this. First og all is the cost of eating out, it's quite pricy and the options are few, especially if you live out side of a major city like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and so on. So we opted out for eating in. 

It's April so the weather is getting warmer, so we decided to go out and take a look at the military ships that had docked in down town Skien. I know very little about these ships, I don't even remember what they where called, ops. But I still thought it was fun taking a look around. They where offering guided tours. 

Here we are at Stines apartment and enjoying some goodies we bought at the local Meny store.
In Norway we eat a lot of bread and different types of spreads that we put on it.
We usually eat what some call open faced sandwiched. 
Pål wondering about how manny selfies do Stine and I really have to take. Can't we se that its cold? 

Skien is a medium sized city in Norway. So, when some awesome military ships come around
offering the opportunity to take a look you bet we all know about it and we'll be there.
Plus I don't think Stine minded taking a look at the cute enlisted boys :-) 
My beautiful sister Stine. 


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