Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reorganizing - The Kitchen

I'm amazed at how long it can take before I feel settled in a new house. We moved into the house we are living in back in July 2010, and we are still settling inn.

We have several projects lined up, but in the meantime we have to make do with what we   have. So I shoped the house today and repurpesd an expedit shelf we all ready had and uncluttered a small part of the kitchen. At least it's a step in the right direction.
Here are some before and after pictures.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Desenzano, Italy day one

Life as given Pål and I so manny amazing opportunities. Because we both have volunteer positions in the Red Cross of Skien we vere offered the opportunity to travel to Italy. The objective of the trip was to learn and see first hand where and how the Red Cross was established. We were all volunteers in different positions in the Red Cross of Skien.

Here are some pictures from day one.
Out of focus and very sleepy. We started by taking a bus from Skien (our home town) at 4:30 in the morning Here we have just passed security at Oslo International airport. 

Mathias version of a healthy breakfast 

Marit and Ida, not so ready to be taken pictures of this early in the morning 

Introducing Sushi to Mathias. I'm still trying to upload the video we made of him eating it. 

Me and Erik :-)

Christian, one of our local leaders that put in an amazing amount of volunteer hours at the Red Cross Skien. 

Pål trying to look relaxed while we take a selfie. 

Jepp, this little thing is going to pull the whole plaine. Amazing. 

Finally on the plaine. The time is now 9:30. We have been traveling for five hours. 

Healthy alternatives on SAS

You can't be more clear about what you are selling here?
My luggage got a beating on the plaine ride over. 

Ready for some lunch? 

Svein Arild, Ida, Monica and Amanda. 

Pål collapsing on the bed - super tired. 

How we love a bathroom with a bathtub.  
View from our balcony. 

Tired but not so tired that we can put of going out for ice-cream . 

Garda lake

Garda Lake

Garda lake

Erik and Mathias eliminating any risks of dehydration. 

Waiting in line for ice-cream. 

There is light in my face, please take that picture.  

Pål is all like, "how can you be so smily I'm dead tired". 

I Love lemon soda

Pål tasting the local wine. 

So thats for the first day in Desenzano, Italy. More pictures coming up next week.
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