Monday, February 23, 2015

Outfitt og the day - OOTD #2

Hi and hope every one had a blast this weekend. Pål and I went up to Svanstul and enjoyed the nice sunny weather. But that’s for a later post.
This post is about my outfit. I wore this outfit to my moms’ birthday that we celebrated on the 14th of February. She lives up in Bærum that is about a two-hour drive from our house.

The top is from H&M, the skirt is from Vivikes and you can read more about my watch in this Valentines Day post.

I’m also using this post to verify my membership

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and I have paid for the cloths. The links are not affiliate links.


  1. Adorei o look! A blusa é linda! bjs

  2. Linda, Yumi! :)
    Muita elegância e bom gosto, seu look está simplesmente lindo! Parabéns pelo seu Blog

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